RNAexact offers RNA-related products for academic research institutes and pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry. Our emphasis is placed on the in vitro and in vivo delivery systems for miRNA mimics, siRNAs and other short oligonucleotides. In addition, we are distributing a wide range of high-quality products for RNA–related research, including RNA purification and gene expression analysis. Our greatest advantage is flexibility and thorough knowledge about the wide range of top-quality RNA-related products.


Transfection reagents


MIRFECT is a very efficient transfection reagent for short oligonucleotides, such as siRNAs, miRNA inhibitors and miRNA mimics.

It is known that miRNAs act in the cells through targeting of numerous genes, however, their influence on particular target is often subtle and their biological functions often become evident only in certain stress conditions. Therefore, to understand the biological effects of miRNA, the delineation of the correct set of genes affected by a particular miRNA is of crucial importance. As MIRFECT ensures uniform delivery of miRNA mimics into various cell types, it is particularly suitable for validation of miRNA targets as it enables to discover and confirm even fine effects on the target genes.

Uptake of MIRFECT-miRNA nano complexes.

Dy547-labelled miRNA mimics were transfected with either MIRFECT or with a lipofectamine type of reagent siPORT-NeoFX and stained after 24 h with DAPI (blue) and Alexa Fluor A488 Phalloidin (green).

MIRFECT-delivered miR-146a mimic efficiently inhibits target gene IRAK1 in multiple cell types.

Indicated cellswere transfected either with control (cont) or miR-146 a mimics. After 48 hours, a total RNA was purified and analyzed by RT-qPCR. Relative expression compared to cont in each cell type (=1) is shown. Data represent mean ± SEM of four independent transfection. Student’s t-test, ** P< 0.01.

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